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People are the weakest link in the digital economy. Cyber security is built for machines. RedTorch builds solutions with human frailty in mind.

The RedTorch Vision

We are revolutionizing cyber defense, digital forensics and intelligence because we don’t focus on machines. We focus on the people who use them.

The RedTorch Edge

Our proprietary methods of collecting and analyzing numerous sources of intelligence result in an unequaled insight into human behavior and digital identity, allowing RedTorch analysts to save cyber and kinetic cases that traditional investigators consider “unsolvable.”

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Background Investigations

RedTorch conducts the deepest and most comprehensive background checks in the world. We specialize in pre-employment screening and security reviews for current employees for specific legal requirements such as OFAC, UCC or other licensing requirements.

Corporate Espionage

From the first signs of unusual activities, RedTorch conducts investigations — internally and externally — that lead to the uncovering of espionage-related loss of IP, trade secrets and other critical data.

Blockchain Forensics

RedTorch developed complex mathematical processes to detect patterns in the blockchain and link real - world identities to cryptocurrency activity. This resulted in the ability to trace transactions throughout the entire ransomware ecosystem, de-anonymize threat actors and — in many cases — assist our clients in the location and recovery of ransom payments.

Litigation Support

There are many critical services that law firms simply cannot provide. RedTorch supports case strategies and delivers critical evidence, transforming the trajectory or outcome of the case. Regardless of the status of the case (pre or post litigation) RedTorch provides a complete revolutionary solutions to support a favorable outcome for the client.


We work with both law enforcement and legal teams to provide a high level of support by identifying items that are paramount to finding the victims and the identification of any suspect(s) or their associates. The intelligence provided by RedTorch's deep cyber investigations has made a big difference for many victims.

Bug Sweeping

RedTorch provides an industry leading bug sweeping for home and commercial environments. Ongoing threat monitoring empowers any law firm or privacy-minded business to reduce the opportunity for an outside party to eavesdrop and collect conversations by means of electronic surveillance devices.

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